The Grundfos MP204 offers superior electronic motor protection for pumps such as the Grundfos CR through the MP 204. This single unit protects all electrical motors from 3-999 amps and voltages from 100 to 480 VAC. The MP 204 protects pump motors against under-voltage, over-voltage and variations in power supply, ensuring steady performance and protection against overheating which can reduce pump life.

Grundfos MP 204 Pump Motor Protection

The unit measures load, temperature, power, over- and under-voltage, ground failures, current voltage, phase missing caused by wear or mains cable faults, and phase sequence. Other monitoring factors include harmonic distortion, run and start capacitor (single-phase), operating hours, and number of starts.

This easy-to-use unit protects your pump 24 hours a day and allows for energy consumption monitoring.

Installation is easy. Simply slide it into place on a mounting rail or attach it to any wall or backplate with four screws.

The Grundfos MP 204 motor protection unit features an easy-to-use console.
The Grundfos MP 204

The unit can be set up in under two minutes and can be configured with the Grundfos GO app. With the additional MI301 Grundfos Go dongle, it can be connected virtually to any SCADA system, allowing remote access to pump data. Remotely control the pump, change settings, see energy consumption and current conditions and alarms. Grundfos iSolutions allows for wired or wireless connectivity and web access through the Grundfos Remote Management System (GRM).

By connecting directly to the Grundfos MP204, you can achieve superior motor protection while configuring limits, trip points, delays and more. See detailed alarm and warning information. View pump run times and starts. Copy and save settings from one unit to another. Read, print and/or email performance reports.

MP 204 Technical Data

  • Enclosure class: IP 20
  • Ambient temperature: ÷20 to 60C
  • Relative humidity: 99 %
  • Voltage range: 100-480 VAC
  • Current range: 3-999 A
  • Frequency: 47-63 Hz
  • IEC trip class: 1-45
  • Special Grundfos trip class: 0.1-30 s
  • Voltage variations: ÷25/+15 % of nominal voltage
  • Approvals: EN 60947, EN 60335, UL/CSA 508
  • Marking: CE, cUL, C-tick
The Grundfos MP 204 allows you to monitor a wide variety of pump variables in real time.
The MP 204 monitors load, temperature, current operating conditions and more.

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